Marriage is not a noun, it’s a verb.
It isn’t something you get, it’s something you do.

It’s the way you understand, love and appreciate your partner every day.
Our differences make us stronger together.

- Keri Bischoff, Gallup Strengths Expert

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Saturday, November 3, 2018 • 10am - 2pm • $150 per couple

Empowering couples in committed relationships to truly understand and respect their differences is the focus of the upcoming Strengths-based Marriage Workshop facilitated by Gallup certified Strengths expert Keri Bischoff.  Held in Stillwater, MN at the historic Rivertown Inn , this unique opportunity to share guided time together will transform your perspective and give you tools to appreciate, communicate and understand each other.

How can we maximize what is working between the two of you, and identify what some recurring frustrations might be?  This workshop is for those who already have a good foundation but want to make it even better.  Do you recognize some common issues here?

  • Does one of you love the crowd at a party, and the other crave a quiet night in? 

  • Do you sometimes have disagreements about making travel arrangements or even deciding where to go? 

  • Do you enjoy completely different movies?

  • Do you understand your partner’s response to stress, and is it different than yours?

  • What is going on when one person clams up and the other just wants to talk it out?  

You’ll discover why we are the way we are, why differences can enrich our lives instead of challenging them, and why being married to someone just like us – while fun to consider – would rarely be a good thing.  You’ll leave with a new appreciation for each other, and tools for understanding that will change your relationship in profound ways.  It’s fun, meaningful and transformational.

Unlike any such workshop in the country, the Strengths-based Marriage Workshop is based on the ground breaking StrengthsFinder™ assessment.  In affirming, positive language each couple will consider privately what is working, what their challenges are, and come away with a new perspective and strategies for moving forward.  

Not intended as therapy, this workshop empowers participants who are in committed relationships to take a deeper dive into understanding each other and the dynamic of their relationship.  Whether you’ve been together ten months, 10 years or for decades, this perspective will change the way you approach each other in powerful ways.  Often humorous and light, the conversations and exercises are meant to be shared between the two of you, and ‘group share’ isn’t part of this experience except where it might naturally flow.  

This workshop is limited to 6 couples.  Although participants are not required to be guests of Rivertown Inn, we are offering 50% off our room rates for couples taking part in this Marriage Workshop for Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3.

You must call the Inn at (651) 430-2955 to reserve your room at the discounted rate, and to register for the Strengths-based Marriage Workshop.

Saturday, November 3, 2018 • 10am - 2pm • $150 per couple

Tentative Schedule:

10am - Strengths-based Marriage Workshop introduction
11am - Private guided discussions and exercises
12pm - Lunch, enjoyed privately or with other participants as you wish
12:45pm - Marriage and Strengths: tools to leverage the best of each other
1:30pm - A new Strengths-based perspective: going forward
2pm - Workshop concludes

Cost Includes:  

• StrengthsFinder™ Marriage Workshop with Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Keri Bischoff
• StrengthsFinder™ assessment codes and customized materials
• Locally sourced and sustainably grown lunch prepared by our chef, Maggie Wescott
• In-house healthy snacks during breaks
• Complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea, soft drinks and ice
• Strengths Welcome Gift Package
• Complimentary parking