Guests who wish to schedule a session with a professional massage therapist will luxuriate in the serenity of an extraordinary room featuring three arched stained glass windows and soothing light from a Tiffany-style chandelier.

$70 for one half hour massage
$110 for one full hour massage
$150 for one and one half hour massage
$220 for two consecutive one hour massages

Please contact us at (651) 430-2955 or to make arrangements for date and time.

NEALY YAKES, Massage Therapist:  Nealy’s relationship with massage began at a young age.  She grew up as a very active and athletic child which lead to sports injuries and surgeries. It was her mother’s idea to bring her to her first Massage Therapist. Later it became part of her rehabilitation in physical therapy. These experiences allowed her to believe in the power and importance of bodywork.

Nealy received Massage Therapy training through the Aveda Institutes 600 hour Certified Massage Therapy/Day Spa program. The program was based on the foundation of Swedish massage created by Physical Therapist and Physiologist Henry Peter Ling. It consists of five various hands on techniques; effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration and percussion, specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure and working with the soft tissue. The purpose of Swedish massage is to promote relaxation, increase oxygen flow, stimulate circulation, increase muscle tone, balance the musculoskeletal system and promote detoxification.

Her training also included different concentrations, such as: Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Pre- and Post-Natal massage, Nutrition and Aromatherapy.  After graduation she went on to receive Continuing Education in Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute and also trained in the Myofascial Release technique through John Barnes.  Her style became a combination of all of these techniques and modalities.  

Nealy believes in personalizing every massage, creating an intention and finding an individual focus in each session.

Please contact us at (651) 430-2955 or to inquire about any of our packages.